The ultimate idea for Coffee lovers!

Coffee makers are now part of everyday living and most serious coffee drinkers have one in their kitchen. But taking it a step further, they are also a major feature to consider when planning a kitchen. We have all seen the popular appliance cupboards which are great storage ideas for electrical gadgets which take up a lot of physical and visual space. They also save you having to move them each time you want to use them.

A coffee cupboard can fit seamlessly into your kitchen design through a flip-up hatch or bi-folding cabinet doors, and even double as a home for your microwave. But what sort of doors should you select and which are the most practical?

Here are some examples of the options you can use, and why they may be the ones for you.

Standard doors

A popular choice when you want your coffee station to blend into your other cabinety.

The one thing to remember here is that the cupboard needs to be recessed on your benchtop so that the doors dont sit too far out when they are opened. Also consider allowing this counter space for when it will be used for heat-generating appliances other than the coffee machine, such as toasters. In most cases you'll want to slide these appliances forward to use them so heat and steam move into the kitchen rather than into the confined space of the cupboard.

Garage door

Normally only one door is used here and it lifts up similar to a garage door. These will cost you more than a standard door but they have the benefit of free space on each side with no doors to get in the way.

Retractable doors

These are a favourite as they slide back into the sides of the cupboard totally out of the way.

However, note that if you are using this cupbaord frequently or on a daily basis, they may not last as long as other options as the mechanisms can wear over time.

Roller Door

Also known as tambour doors, roller doors look sleek, don't get in the way and are a popular choice. A few things to consider; they are not the cheapest option, the doors can sometimes be slightly tricky to work and as they are made of narrow slats that roll back into the "ceiling" area of the cabinet, you lose a bit of height due to the top panel that hides the mechanism. The major advantage of this type of door is that it takes up no counter space.

Finally, whichever doors you choose, ensure you specify that the cabinet interiors be finished and stand up to steam and are easy to clean. Most importantly, plan for multiple power points inside the cupboard and have them put in prior to the cabinet being installed.

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